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Himalayan Salt

First of all, what makes Himalayan salt so amazing?
Could it be the renowned soothing and healing properties contained with over 80 minerals and trace elements including iron and magnesium which offers a therapeutic remedy to ease stiff muscles, detoxify your body and gently cleanse and reinvigorate your skin as well as promoting a healthy metabolism?

Or perhaps it’s the astonishing amount of time it takes for such an incredible element to form? That’s right, the process of forming Himalayan salt dates back over 250 million, yes 250 MILLION years ago where crystalized sea salt beds were covered in lava and surrounded by snow and ice keeping the salt in pristine conditions and protected from modern day pollution making Himalayan salt the purest salt on the entire planet! Pretty cool right?

Our Himalayan salt is carefully Sourced from the ancient mountains of Pakistan, this remarkable mineral is naturally pink in colour and boasts a plethora of goodness to leave your mind and body soothed

We have a large selection of Salt lamps which will double up as a stylish addition to your home comforts whilst giving you all the medicinal benefits of Himalayan Salt. What a combo!

These are some great benefits that you can pass on to your customers, so don’t delay and view our trade stock today. We offer a full 360 service from account set up, to online and offline orders, UK customer services as well as marketing support that can be passed on to your customers too. 

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